VIDEO | Nate Diaz: ‘I pissed off Conor McGregor, I pissed off GSP, but most of all I pissed off the UFC . . . LOL mother#@!ers’

By Russell Ess - March 30, 2016

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Nate Diaz holds no punches whether it’s inside or outside the Octagon. The UFC veteran is coming off the biggest win of his career and cashed in on his biggest payday after submitting Conor McGregor at UFC 196.

Diaz spoke with Chael Sonnen on his podcast about his big win that Diaz says upset more than just Conor McGregor.

“Yeah I heard (they were planning on having Conor call out St-Pierre) but I put a big old hole in that shit. I’m like, what do you guys think, that I’m some game to be played with? I been in the game too long to f*ck with.”

“They wanted to have this big old GSP McGregor show bullshit. I don’t even want to hear about that. GSP is gonna come out retirement to fight this little ass Conor McGregor? What the f*ck? I mean this is all just a freak show now.”

Diaz explains that he ruined the party, but finds it funny.

“So now what did I do now? I pissed off Conor McGregor, I pissed off GSP, and most of all I pissed off the UFC. But, LOL motherf*ckers.”

Diaz wanted to be the first one to call out any potential “freak show” McGregor vs. St-Pierre fight and addresses Georges directly.

“I want to be the first one to speak up. You’re (Georges) a f*cking bully. You know you’re going to hold that little ass Irish man down. He’s gonna hop in and take this money fight, like ‘I’m coming back for this.’ Like, what the f*ck?”

“This comeback wouldn’t be a competitive fight type of thing. It would be all about, just a good business move on everybody’s part.”

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