VIDEO | MMA trained fighter helps UK police officer by subduing knife-wielding man with rear-naked choke in the streets

By Russell Ess - September 6, 2016

vigilante help civilian

A scary incident was caught on tape in the UK and recently it has been going viral on the Internet.

A police officer was dealing with a suspicious suspect that was apparently carrying a knife on the streets of Kingston in the United Kingdom. When the officer went to search the suspect’s back where the knife was tucked into his pants, the man tried to run away but was held by the officer.

The two struggled with each other for some time on the street, with cars even driving right beside the two men wrestling on the roadway. Then from out of nowhere, a civilian, 49-year-old Andy Haigh, who apparently is a mixed martial arts trained fighter came to aid the police officer that was struggling with the suspect and put him in a rear-naked choke.

The officer was then able to handcuff the suspect, with the help of Haigh and even got some help from a woman who appears to have been with the Haigh during the incident.

“They were rolling around and cars were swerving round them, they didn’t even stop. A bunch of people were stood watching,” Haigh explained to the Telegraph.

“I couldn’t see him struggle on his own. He was a lone police officer trying to make an arrest and I just helped him out. Someone was going to get hurt.”

The Kingston Police posted the incident on Facebook and had the following message to go with the video:

“Thankful to this member of public for helping our colleague out in Yorkshire recently. The Officer went to stop a suspect who had a large knife on him, struggled and was helped by a passing cage fighter! This video goes to highlight the dangers our officers face on a daily basis while keeping you safe.

Footage: City of York CCTV”

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