VIDEO | Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on Nick Diaz: I’ll fight him at the bus stop, in Stockton

The always colorful Jason “Mayhem” Miller is always one to give a memorable interview.

“Mayhem,” caught up with Helen Yee and told her about his latest endeavor of “worldwide domination” and what has been keeping him busy.

Yee asks Miller some great questions and touches upon his rivalry with Nick Diaz.

If you aren’t familiar with Miller and Diaz’s history, one of the most memorable incidents involving the two was when “Mayhem” jumped in the Strikeforce cage after Diaz’s teammate Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson and called for a rematch, which sparked a brawl on live national television.

“That’s one of the conversations that keep going on,” Miller said of Diaz. “Mayhem vs. Diaz. Look I will do it any damn time at any damn place. He knows it. Same as I know he’ll do it too. But, you know we gotta get lawyers involved, contracts, what not.

“Look, give a damn man. I’ll fight him in the parking lot at Mercado Muay Thai.”

Miller then gets asked if he would be willing to fight Diaz on his home turf in Stockton.

Miller gave a very “Mayhem” answer and said, “Man I’ll fight him there too. I’ll fight him at the bus station in Stockton. Outside a Dairy Queen.”

“The beef is ongoing. The beef right now, is chorizo.”

From the video description:

“Mixed martial artist and host of the now defunct MTV show Bully Beatdown, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, spoke to Helen Yee of Eyes On The Game about various topics.
He spoke about when he will return to the cage, his thoughts on former UFC welterweight champion GSP returning to the octagon, and his previous feud with UFC welterweight Nick Diaz. He also discussed the main event bout between UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, and legend Dan Henderson who will be fighting at UFC 205 on October 8.”

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