VIDEO | Mauro Ranallo tells Joe Rogan about the time Bas Rutten got him high and then tried to fight Enson Inoue

By Russell Ess - January 18, 2017

Enson Inoue Mauro Ranallo

The infamous Pride Fighting Championships commentating duo, Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo were guests on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last week and went over some classic stories from their past.

One hilarious story, in particular, was told as the guys recalled when Rutten insisted Ranallo try taking Percocet painkillers for the first time. Rutten said he gave Ranallo three Percocets, which sent Ranallo on a crazy experience.

Bas Rutten Mauro Ranallo

“So, I take these things, ok fine, it’s whatever,” Ranallo recalled. “[Mark] Coleman and [Kevin] Randleman walk in and I’m still, I’m not feeling it.

“You know me, I’m very impatient. I’m like, ‘Well what the hell, it’s not working.’

“Randleman asks Bas, ‘What did you give him?’

“And Bas goes, ‘I gave him three Percocets.’

“Randleman, ‘You did what?!’

“And then all of a sudden, almost on cue it hits me and I end up, Enson Inoue was with us there as well visiting and I end up for some reason going into my old pro wrestling manager heel mode and going right up to Enson and go, ‘Hey. I think I can take you, bro. I think I can take you. And I’m really kind of just needling him. He’s trying to be nice. He knows this is the English announcer, cool, whatever. But I am pushing it. I’m impacted by Percocets,” Ranallo explained. “I was high, I was out of my mind man. I don’t think I could beat him up, Joe, but I challenged him to fight and he finally had enough, face palmed me, broke my glasses and I got a bloody nose and I’m like, well now I gotta wear the badge of honor and I took the picture with him [Bas] and Enson and I’m like, Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be doing Percocet anymore.”

This article first appeared on 1/18/2017.

Enson Inoue Mauro Ranallo