VIDEO | Joe Rogan explains why Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor rematch has to happen

By Russell Ess - March 30, 2016

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UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and veteran Nate Diaz are reported to be in the works for a rematch at UFC 200.

While many are upset that Conor McGregor is not defending his featherweight belt that he won at UFC 194 back in December, a rematch with Diaz is still going to get a lot of attention. The rematch may get even more viewers than any featherweight title fight to simply see if “The Notorious” will be able to avenge his loss, or if he will be crushed once again by Diaz.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan spoke with comedian Ari Shaffir about the reasoning behind the rematch on his podcast recently.

“The rematch is where the big money is at,” Rogan said. “The rematch with Nate Diaz is god-damn Scrooge McDuck, giganti, huge, million plus pay-per-view buy, through the roof.”

Rogan goes on to say that the invincibility factor of Conor McGregor is now gone and could potentially lose a match with Frankie Edgar, or a rematch with Max Holloway or Jose Aldo. With Diaz submitting McGregor, Rogan goes on to talk about different strategies Jose Aldo could come with in a rematch and talks about his jiu-jitsu level, which is ultimately what got Nate Diaz the win over McGregor.

“Jose Aldo is a f*cking nine-year undefeated, all-time great fighter who got clipped with one big punch,” Rogan said. “What if Aldo fights in a similar way to the way Miesha Tate fought Holly Holm? Takes his time, wears that motherf*cker out in like round 2 or 3 and just stays on the outside and leg kicks the sh*t out of him. I mean Aldo was so mad he tried to take his head off with a left hook and got clipped. He loaded up and got clipped.

“What if he doesn’t do that? What if he goes in there and plays slow on the outside and starts kicking his legs? What if he initiates a clinch? Because let me tell you something about Aldo’s jiu-jitsu. It’s f*cking world class. Like, you watch Aldo vs. Mike Brown in the WEC when he won the featherweight title. Dude, he takes his back like a f*cking world champ and smashes him.”

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