VIDEO | ‘Innocent’ street dancer pounds aggressor on Hollywood Walk of Fame

By Russell Ess - February 14, 2017

Hollywood walk of fame fight

There is no place for violence out on the streets but that surely doesn’t mean that it won’t ever take place.

Here, we take a look at this video shot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a man described as an “innocent Hollywood dancer” was being confronted by another man on the street.

Hollywood walk of fame fight

The dancer had his hands together in front of him and then pulled up his pants and leaned to one side, not showing any real signs of physical offense. However, the body language of the dancer seemed to put the aggressor in the situation over the edge. The incident gets physical when the man in the black tank top throws a combination at the dancer. The dancer was able to back up as the aggressor walked him down and threw more strikes as the dancer threw counters in self defense. The dancer connected with a solid left that dropped the man in the tank top and then followed up with a kick and another looping right hook that dropped the man again as he was getting up from the initial knockdown.

After the second knockdown, the dancer backs off and is grabbed by what looks to be a security guard as the dazed aggressor gets up to his feet, likely confused as to the outcome of the physical fight he just started.

Although the dancer put on an impressive display of striking on the aggresor that made the confrontation phsycial, there is a time and a place for combat. Fights outside the means of sport competition are dangerous and should be avoided. Mixed martial arts is a sport that is regulated with a defined set of rules and regulations overseen by a commission, referee, and with medical staff on site to ensure a safe competition amongst highly trained athletes.

Let’s leave the fighting to the professionals!

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This article first appeared on 2/14/2017.

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