VIDEO | Freddie Roach details one condition for a Georges St-Pierre return fight

By Russell Ess - April 1, 2016

Georges St-Pierre

Famed boxing coach Freddie Roach has trained with some of MMA’s elite including both Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. The owner and head trainer of the Wild Card Boxing Club has been busy preparing his star fighter Manny Pacquiao for his supposed last fight before retiring against Timothy Bradley but touched upon St-Pierre’s highly rumored return to the Octagon.

“That would be interesting,” Roach said of Anderson Silva recently saying that a fight with St-Pierre could still happen. “Because Anderson Silva is the best MMA fighter in the world I think, but he’s just getting a little bit older and I don’t think he’s as quite as healthy as he once was a young man. But, I did train Anderson for about a month here and talent wise, he is the best boxer in MMA by far.”

Roach goes on to talk about St-Pierre’s decision to return to the Octagon and notes a special condition for Georges’ return fight.

“We talked about fighting again but we haven’t really made a decision yet,” Roach said. “The only thing is that if he does fight, I have to work his corner. That’s the deal we have. So, I have no problem with that. I’d like to see him fight one more fight but who, I am not sure yet.

Roach says, “I’d like to see him fight Anderson Silva though, against GSP. But, I know the weights are a little different but, it would be a great fight at a catchweight.”

Interestingly, Roach comments on fighters aging and timing referring to Silva who has not officially won a fight since 2012.

“I know it [the fight] would be against one of the toughest guys ever in the sport though. But again, everybody gets a little bit older at a certain time and we do slow down a little bit. So, maybe it would be the right time.”