VIDEO | The Exchange: Dana White Preview – Recalls his most crazy high school brawl

UFC President Dana White has been in the fight business for a long time.

From his early days in the world of boxing to getting with the Fertittas to buy the UFC and helping to bring the sport of mixed martial arts to where it is today, White has always had an affinity with fighting.

Dana White staredown

Speaking with Megan Olivi on the preview of “The Exchange: Dana White,” the UFC boss talks about his childhood growing up and recalled his time in high school where fights were definitely not out of the ordinary.

“We got into a lot of fights, especially here in Vegas, growing up in Vegas,” White said when asked if he got into his fair share of fights as a kid. “In Vegas, it was a big school thing. Schools fought different schools like every weekend. It was crazy.”

White was then asked if he remembered his most memorable fight as a kid growing up in Las Vegas and it was surely one to never forget.

Dana White

“Yeah, these kids came over to my house on New Year’s Eve and they were from Valley High School and a fight broke out in my front yard and we ended up kicking the shit out these guys in front of my house and an hour later, the entire Valley High School was in my front yard ready to kill me and my two friends that were over there. The police ended up coming and all the kids left. So, the next night I’m laying in my bedroom in my house and my mom knocks on my door and says, ‘Hey, can you come out here for a minute?’

“I come out and every one of those guys are in my house. They’re all in my house and I’m looking at my mom like, ‘You let these guys in the house?’ And they’re in my living room ready to kill me. That was when I learned how to sweet talk,” White said laughing. “I sweet-talked my way out of an ass-whooping in my own living room.”

This article first appeared on on 4/25/2017

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