VIDEO | Insane boxing knockout leaves crumpled opponent on the ropes

Knockouts are a spectacle of combat sports that get so many fans drawn into the competitions.

For boxers, it is the ultimate end all as with mixed martial arts competitions there are also the submissions that can bring a decisive end to the fight.

Here, we take a look at this nasty boxing knockout from a smaller event put on by GFL Boxing. Just because the event isn’t a packed out arena, it doesn’t come short on delivering a highlight knockout that combat sports fans, in general, will be astounded by.

The video starts where Courtney Blocker, the boxer in the red and black trunks stuns his opponent Dominic Goode who is in the yellow and black trunks with a straight right hand. Blocker then follows up with another vicious straight right hand that sends the boxer in the yellow and black trunks crumpled to the floor.

boxing knockout

Although it was a flush shot that ended with a very nasty knockout, the commentators mention that Goode who is in the yellow and black trunks was responding shortly after the referee called the end to the fight as the medical team was at his side checking on the downed fighter.

Some would criticize that Blocker never went to check on Goode after delivering the vicious knockout finish. Although the video clip doesn’t show the entire time Blocker was in the ring after the fight, it is clear that he was not in any rush to check on his opponent. Do you think it is bad sportsmanship to not immediately check on an opponent that you just finished? Or is this just what comes with the territory in combat sports?

boxing knockout

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This article first appeared on on 4/25/2017

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