VIDEO | Coach Firas Zahabi gives his pre-fight analysis on Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

The mega money fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is set for August 26 and will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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While many from the world of boxing are not giving Conor McGregor much of a chance against the undefeated boxing great, many believe that “The Notorious” will be able to hand “Money” the first loss of his career.

Infamous coach of the Tristar Gym, Firas Zahabi gave his in-depth breakdown of the fight and offered his advice to McGregor.

“Now, in boxing, you’re not allowed to clinch but clinching happens,” Said Zahabi. “And, McGregor is for sure, without a doubt a better clincher than Mayweather and the reason why I’ll tell you that is because he’s a wrestler. He’s wrestled, he’s done Muay Thai, he’s done wrestling, he’s done jiu-jitsu. He has that grinding gear that Mayweather doesn’t have, that doesn’t need to develop so much in his sport.

“So, if I was Conor McGregor’s coach, I would tell him to tie up Mayweather as much as possible. Pull on his head, step on his toes, bump knee to knee, get physical, push him up against the rope with your forearms. Tie him up as much as you can. Be physical with him. Mayweather is a lot smaller than Conor McGregor. He’s going to be a lot smaller and when Mayweather comes forward, if you try to punch him, he’s going to slip, slide, defend, and counter. And, of course, you’re going to have to punch him. It’s a boxing match, absolutely. But, I would spend a lot of my time dirty boxing Mayweather. Grabbing the back of his head throwing uppercuts. Doing things that are borderline illegal. They’re not illegal. The referee is going to have to come in and break you up. The referee is going to have to come in and save Mayweather.”

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This article first appeared on on 7/3/2017.

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