VIDEO | 50 Cent says Floyd Mayweather “really didn’t like” Conor McGregor, made massive bet on himself

By Tom Taylor - September 27, 2017

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

In the buildup to their blockbuster August 26 boxing match, undefeated legend Floyd Mayweather Jr and UFC  lightweight champ Conor McGregor exchanged plenty of trash talk. Once the fight was all said and done, however, the pair seemed to be quite cordial with one another, exchanging handshakes, hugs, and even some compliments.

The pair’s pleasant post-fight exchanges led many members of the combat sports world to wonder if, maybe, all of their pre-fight animosity had been a ruse, if perhaps they’d just been doing what they had to do to sell the fight and make themselves richer.

According to rapper 50 cent, however, who is a good friend of Floyd Mayweather’s, the pre-fight disdain between the two pugilists was legitimate.

“[Mayweather] really didn’t like him,” 50 said during an interview with Hot 97. “He really didn’t. All that [McGregor] was getting away with saying… touching [Mayweather’s] head…That ain’t Floyd. He’s not like that.”

50 also divulged that Mayweather made a massive, $3 million bet on himself.

“He went to the Sportsbook and bet $3 million on himself knocking McGregor out.”

50 said he laid down some cash on the fight too.

“I bet [on the fight],” he said, though he refused to say how much he won. “I ain’t saying nothing. I’m gonna show you my taxes when Trump’s showing his.”

Do you think 50 Cent is right? Did Floyd Mayweather really dislike Conor McGregor? The painting of McGregor that is hanging in the undefeated boxer’s Beverly Hills home would certainly suggest otherwise.

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