VIDEO | 47-year-old Chuck Liddell spars with The Pit students for black belt test

By Russell Ess - January 17, 2017

Chuck Liddell John hackleman palolo boxing

UFC Hall of Fame legend Chuck Liddell is still getting in the ring here and there, showing glimpses of his past as the king of the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

Recently, Liddell and longtime coach John Hackleman were in Hawaii as part of Hackleman and his student’s journey to black belt with The Pit Martial Arts.

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From the video description:

In this video series The Pit Martial Arts students, Isaiah Hughes, Joe Alves, and Adam Espinosa travel to Oahu, Hawaii with Pit Master, John Hackleman for black belt.

In this clip John takes his students up to Palolo Boxing Club, in Palolo Valley of Oahu. John Hackleman trained boxing at Palolo Boxing Club as a young boy. He fought for the club for many many years. He brings his students up to Palolo to show them where all the hard work started. It is a historical place for The Pit Martial Arts.

It has been a tradition of The Pit for many years for adults to travel to Oahu for a ceremonial experience to pit black belt. John Hackleman grew up in Oahu as a kid, and takes his students around the island, showing his students where he grew up and trained. Many location sites in these videos are very important to John.

We see Liddell put on the gloves and spar with The Pit students and see him cock back on his infamous overhand right that found him so much success over the years. Although Liddell doesn’t let them go on full power, can you imagine seeing that coming towards your face?

Chuck Liddell John hackleman palolo boxing

Chuck Liddell is 47-years-old and stepped away from professional mixed martial arts competition in 2010. Lidell was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, July 10, 2009, ahead of that weekend’s historic UFC 100 event.

on January 17, 2017.

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