USADA rules two athletes are “not at fault” due to sexually transmitted banned substances

Jeff Novitzky, UFC 232, USADA, marijuana

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has given two athletes a pass on the basis that banned substances entered their systems via sexual transmission.

Inside the MMA bubble, USADA is known as the official anti-doping partner for the UFC. The organization has made a long list of busts since it joined forces with the mixed martial arts promotion.

That said, USADA’s work extends far outside the MMA industry, and into many other sports.

The organization recently found that two athletes, boxer Virginia Fuchs and softball player Madilyn Nickles, are “not at fault” because they both tested positive for banned substances as a result of sexual transmission. John Morgan of MMA Junkie has the details:

“USADA announces two (non-MMA) athletes will not be sanctioned for recent findings because they were each (separately) exposed to banned substances ‘via sexual transmission,'” Morgan reported. “All for strong testing program, but maybe thresholds need to be higher? How much could have been present?”

Morgan’s Tweet got a response from UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky.

“Yes yes yes,” Novitzky wrote, weighing in on this unique USADA situation. “This is what athletes are facing these days and EXACTLY why UFC program adopted thresholds last year. Need to see Athletic Commissions do the same. A lot of encouraging discussions recently with commissions including Nevada.”

What are your thoughts on this USADA situation?

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