UFC Ottawa Results: Derek Brunson defeats Elias Theodorou (Highlights)

Derek Brunson, UFC Rankings

A middleweight bout between Derek Brunson and Elias Theodorou served as the co-headliner of tonight’s UFC Ottawa event.

Elias Theodorou enters tonight’s contest on a three fight win streak, his latest being a split-decision victory over Eryk Anders this past December.

‘The Spartan’ has gone 16-2 thus far in his professional MMA career.

Meanwhile, Derek Brunson (18-7 MMA) will be looking to snap a two-fight losing skid in tonight’s co-main event. Brunson suffered a first round TKO loss to Israel Adesanya in his most recent effort at UFC 230.

Round one of the UFC Ottawa co-main event begins and Theodorou immediately begins to circle around the cage. He throws a low kick and then continues to circle. Brunson closes the distance and clinches up. He lands a knee. Elias with a good uppercut on the break. Brunson with a good takedown and immediately passes to full mount. Elias gives up his back and Brunson looks to lock up a choke. Theodorou escapes but winds up back in full mount. Another scramble and Brunson is once again on the back of Elias. This time Theodorou is able to break loose and scramble up to his feet. He comes forward with a high kick. Brunson changes levels and looks for a takedown. It is not there. Elias with a good low kick. He circles to his right. Brunson is looking to setup a left hand. Elias with another low kick. Brunson charges after him and lands a low kick of his own. Theodorou misses with a body kick. Brunson leaps in with a knee followed by a left hand. Good shots from Brunson before the break. Elias circles to his left and throws a side kick that misses. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Theodorou misses with a high kick. He lands a low kick. Brunson leaps in with a right and then a knee. He pushes Elias against the cage and grabs a leg. Punches now from Brunson. Elias clinches up. Brunson breaks free and lands a jab to the body. The fighters trade kicks. Elias goes high but misses. Brunson is trying to time his left. He throws a body kick and then lands a low kick. Theodorou with a front kick and the circles out. The crowd does not appreciate the circling. Brunson with a jab to the body. Elias misses with a spinning back fist. Two minutes remain. Brunson goes for a high kick but Theodorou catches it. Brunson pulls free and then comes forward with a high kick that partially lands. Elias looks to come inside but eats a counter hook. Theodorou spins but eats a left hook for his efforts. Brunson is walking Elias down now. He lands a body kick and then forces the clinch. The fighters break and Elias lands a body kick. Brunson reruns fire with a low kick. The crowd boos as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Theodorou comes out with a jab followed by a high kick. Brunson with a left hook. Elias with another kick but Brunson is able to get inside and force him up against the cage. Derek Brunson with a takedown. Elias gives up his back but gets back to his feet. Brunson with another big takedown but Elias rolls through and gets back to his feet. Theodorou with a body kick. Brunson answers with a low kick. Heavy boos from the crowd. Brunson lifts Elias up and slams him to the canvas and the crowd finally cheers. Brunson takes the back of Theodorou. Elias scrambles back to his feet and breaks free of the clinch. Two minutes remain in the fight. Brunson forced the clinch but eats a knee. Elias with a good left hand. Brunson replies with a body kick. Both fighters with kicks. Elias attempts another spinning attack that misses. Brunson with a straight left. He follows that up with a jab and then a hook. Brunson with a kick to the body. Elias with one last combination and this one is over as the horn sounds to end round three.

Official UFC Ottawa Result: Derek Brunson def. Elias Theodorou via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

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