UFC Fort Lauderdale Results: Jack Hermansson defeats Jacare Souza (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - April 27, 2019

A key middleweight bout between Ronaldo Souza and Jack Hermansson headlined tonight’s UFC Fort Lauderdale event on ESPN+.

Jack Hermansson

Ronaldo Souza is coming off a sensational knockout win over former division champion Chris Weidman in his most recent octagon appearance at UFC 230.


Jacare” has been promised a title shot from UFC officials if he proves victorious against Hermansson this evening.

As for “The Joker”, Jack Hermansson enters tonight’s headliner on a three-fight win streak, his latest being a submission victory over David Branch.

Round one of the UFC Fort Lauderdale main event begins and Jack Hermansson starts things off by landing his jab. He lands a low kick as Souza looks to land a counter right. Hermansson with some good shots in close. He appears to stun Jacare and the fight goes to the floor. Hermansson looks to lock up a guillotine. This choke is tight. Souza does an excellent job to escape. He gets back to his feet but Jack still has him pressed against the cage. Jacare breaks free. The fighters exchange jabs to close out round one.


Round two begins and Hermansson comes out quickly. Souza counters him with a right hand. Jack with a nice combination. Souza with a left hook. He throws a low kick but Hermansson catches it and scores a takedown. ‘The Joker’ is working from full guard. He begins to land some ground and pound in the form of right hammer fists. Hermansson postures up and lands an elbow. Good punches now from Jack. He remains busy to prevent the referee from standing them back up. The crowd wants more action. One minute remains in round two. Hermansson continues to work short strikes from full guard. He postures up and lands some good rights followed by an elbow. The horn sounds to end round two.


Round three begins and Hermansson comes forward with a jab followed by a low kick. He misses with a front kick attempt. Souza is looking to counter but Hermansson just remains busy. Jacare defends a takedown attempt and lands a left hook. Jack with a nice combination followed by a body kick. Jacare with a right hand followed by a body shot. He begins to press forward now. Hermansson with a kick to the body of Jacare. He lands a pair of low kicks. Souza’s punches are falling just short. The Brazilian with a nice body shot. Hermansson with a jab and then another. Jack shoots for a takedown but Souza defends and lands a counter right hand. Big shots now from Souza. He lands heavy leather to the body. Hermansson clinches up and lands a knee. The fighters break. Both men land jabs. Jacare with a big right hand. That stunned Jack. Another big right from Ronaldo Souza. He drops Hermansson. Jack is back up. The horn sounds to end the round.


Round four begins and Hermansson immediately shoots for a takedown. Souza defends and lands a knee on the break. Jack with a low kick. He comes forward with his jab. Souza with a right hand. Hermansson lands an uppercut. Jacare is stunned. Jack with a flurry now. Souza gets off the fence and circles out. Ronaldo with a shot to the body. Hermansson responds with a jab. ‘The Joker’ continues to snap his jab in the face of Jacare. He lands a good combination now. Souza is bloodied up in the nose area. Hermansson with a big uppercut. Under two minutes remain in round four. Jack continues to work behind his jab. Souza lands a couple of power shots. He’s still in this fight. Hermansson presses Souza against the cage. He looks for a takedown but Jacare defends. The fighters break and meet in the middle of the octagon. More jabs from Hermansson before the horn sounds to end round four.


The fifth and final round of the UFC Fort Lauderdale main event begins and Jacare likely needs a finish. Hermansson charges out of the gate and closes the distance. He is able to score an early takedown. Jacare gets up and scores a judo throw to break free of ‘The Joker’. Hermansson snaps his jab and then lands a right up the middle. Souza is starting to press but Jack is keeping him at bay with the jab. Hermansson with a low kick followed by a combination. Souza has two minutes to make something happen here. Jack continues to snap his jab with ease. Souza with some good hooks to the body. He is forcing the issue now. Jacare with a right hand. He lands a good left hook. Hermansson is on the retreat. Ronaldo Souza with big body shots. Hermansson replies with a right hand. Both men with good shots from the pocket. Hermansson with a takedown and the horn sounds to end round five.

Official UFC Fort Lauderdale Result: Jack Hermansson def. Ronaldo Souza via unanimous decision

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