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Tyron Woodley explains why we need to give Mike Perry a second chance

UFC welterweight contender Tyron Woodley believes that we need to give Mike Perry a second chance after a recent video of ‘Platinum’ caused major controversy.

Perry was caught on video punching a man at a bar and saying the N-word numerous times. The video went viral on social media soon after and many fans were calling for the UFC to cut Perry. The UFC has since responded to the incident, saying that Perry will be given the help he needs to due with his alcohol issues, though the UFC also said in the statement that Perry will not be fighting anytime soon due to the incident.

Speaking on TMZ’s “Hollywood Beatdown,” Woodley explained why he believes we need to give Perry another chance, despite many saying that as a professional mixed martial artist he had no business touching another man knowing how dangerous he is.

“You’re giving Mike Perry the credit for the ration and the thought process that we love him for not having. We love him for not giving a f*ck. We love him for that, we pay him for that, we glorify him for that, we make so many promo kits around that. Him flying out here with his girlfriend and no cornermen,” Woodley said.

“But now we’re going to slap him on the hand? Cause now the ratio that he doesn’t use, he doesn’t use it in the Octagon, he just swings like he’s crazy, knocking everybody or get knocked out. It’s what we glorify him for. But now you want to input him with the ration and the thought process to what we quote-unquote call normal. We can’t do that. We can’t pick and choose. We can’t monetize off of him and his ability to not have a filter and then all of a sudden go back and try to reprimand that for him.”

It’s certainly an interesting argument put forward by Woodley, and possibly one of the reasons why the UFC chose to give Perry a slap on the wrist instead of releasing him. Like Woodley says, fans love Perry because of what he does in the Octagon, but if that’s who he is and he can’t turn off that switch when he’s not fighting in the Octagon, then perhaps trying to understand him better and get him the help he needs is the right way of going about things instead of punishment. At least that’s what Woodley is thinking.

Do you agree with Tyron Woodley that Mike Perry deserves another chance?

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