Sam Stout sets up fundraiser for former UFC opponent Spencer Fisher

By Cole Shelton - March 9, 2021

Sam Stout has set up a GoFundMe for his former opponent, Spencer Fisher.

Sam Stout

Recently, MMAFighting did a phenomenal story detailing Fisher’s symptoms consistent with a future diagnosis of CTE. He has also been declared permanently disabled and unable to work. The UFC had also paid Fisher $5000 a month for a PR job to help him out but after the company was sold, the promotion cut that money off.

Now, his former opponent in Stout wanted to help Fisher out and opened up a GoFundMe. Originally, the goal for the fundraiser was to raise $2000, but it slowly approaching $5000 and Stout says the fundraiser will stay up for a few more weeks.

“It’s great to get him a couple (of) thousand bucks, but it’s a short-term solution,” Stout told MMA Fighting. “It’s pretty sad to see.”

Sam Stout believes the UFC needs to provide long-term health care for fighters who are dealing with brain injuries.

“It’s always a risky thing to say anything about the UFC’s practices, but we’re talking about a guy that I’ve got a bond with that’s going to last the rest of our lives,” Stout said. “Spencer’s earned my respect almost more than any other man walking this planet. Just to see him twisting in the wind with no help, it’s really hard for me to watch, because it could have been me.

“I think some things need to change. There’s more information coming to light about CTE and the lasting effects of head injuries,” Sam Stout continued. “I think ongoing medical coverage for the fighters should be part of their expenses that they need to factor into their business. Sometimes I think they worry about the bottom line more than the people that are making their company the great powerhouse that it is. I think it’s not right and something needs to change.”

It is no doubt a scary situation for Spencer Fisher but it is great to see Sam Stout try and help his former opponent out. Stout and Fisher fought in 2006, 2007, and 2012 with Stout winning the first and third. All three fights also went the distance with the latter two winning Fight of the Night.

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