Mike Perry’s ex-wife tried to obtain a protective order against the UFC welterweight earlier this year but was denied

Mike Perry, Danielle Nickerson

Mike Perry’s ex-wife Danielle Nickerson allegedly tried to obtain a protective order against the UFC welterweight for threatening physical harm approximately a year ago.

Nickerson, 28, sought a protective order against her ex-husband, 28, which was denied after she “failed to allege facts sufficient,” according to court documents.

According to a report released by MMA Junkie, Perry’s former partner petitioned for an injunction to prevent domestic violence shortly before she filed for divorce in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. She was denied by Circuit Judge Alice L. Blackwell on March 4.

In three separate written declarations, Nickerson claimed that Perry exhibited threatening and disturbing behaviour but never physically harmed her.

Her statement regarding an alleged incident at an unknown location on February 8, 2020 alleged: “Michael Perry, my husband, verbally threatened if I were to stay at the house he would ‘beat my ass.’”

Her statement regarding an alleged incident at an unknown location on February 8, 2020, alleged: “Michael Perry, my husband, followed me to the house highly intoxicated screaming at his mother to have me come outside. When we both refused he said, ‘Well then I’ll go home and burn the house down with the dogs in it.’ Police pulled him over in the neighborhood after he peeled out in the house’s grass yard.”

Her statement regarding an alleged incident at Rachel’s strip club in Orlando on March 3, 2020, alleged: “Michael Perry, my husband, was under the influence of heavy alcohol and unknown drugs, was caught cheating, stated he paid to have ‘Brooke suck his (expletive)’ in the private room. Told me to ‘file the papers, (expletive). I want a divorce.’”

Nickerson also commented on the issue on social media:

Judge Blackwell ruled against Nickerson’s protective order request, as she cited that uncivil behavior does not constitute domestic violence. In a signed order she stated: “Under Florida law, general relationship problems and uncivil behavior are not domestic violence. … Verbal threats, without more, are not domestic violence.”

Danielle Nickerson’s previous protective order request shines a light on Mike Perry’s recent controversial behaviour which has become a point of contention in the MMA world. Earlier this month, the UFC confirmed that the welterweight would not be able to fight until he sought professional treatment for alcohol dependency after a video surfaced of Perry punching a man in the faced at a restaurant in Texas where he had been with his new partner, Latory Gonzalez.

For his fight at June 27 fight at UFC on ESPN 12, Mike Perry announced that he would not have anyone in his corner aside from his girlfriend, Gonzalez. Nickerson also used to corner Perry at some of his fights during their relationship and her protective order request raises more concerns over Mike Perry’s alleged behavior.

In reaction to recent events, UFC president stated Perry “obviously needs some help” and the organization will evaluate his fighting future after the completion of his rehabilitation treatment.

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