Mike Perry says he’s going to hit Colby Covington ‘when he ain’t looking’ during UFC 245 fight week

By Cole Shelton - December 12, 2019

Mike Perry recently said it was “on sight” when he sees Colby Covington at UFC 245 and he has now doubled down on that statement.

Mike Perry, Colby Covington

During media day on Thursday, the two were in the same room for the first time and Perry took the time to heckle him during interviews. He also revealed UFC security came up to him to tell him not to do anything as they heard his ‘on sight’ threat.

“This is the first time I’m seeing him right now. He is sitting up there on stage. Security, I came up the escalator the first day. Ken, the security guy for the UFC, he knows me, and was like I know you are a man of your f*****g word and I’m asking you to keep it cool. And, I know he is an asshole, and I know he said some things we all hate on. But, you guys are businessmen,” Mike Perry said to ESPN. “You got to handle your business this weekend, and he was hanging me up. He’s like you got to promise me you aren’t going to do nothing. I was just like, I didn’t really promise him though.”

Mike Perry went on to say that he plans on going up to Colby Covington and hitting him when he isn’t looking and not paying attention. “Platinum” also says after UFC 245 he wants to fight “Chaos”. Especially because he believes he will lose to Kamaru Usman.

“I think he is going to lose his fight on Saturday anyway, and he’s got protection. He’s got a babysitter at all times. It is not that I want to run up and say something to him. Everyone always says something to Colby, they warn him. I’m going to walk up behind him and hit him when he ain’t looking. I’m going to take my shot when I get a chance, you know what I mean. When he loses on Saturday and I win, let’s set that fight up. That’s the fight I want and that’s the fight I’ve been asking for. So, let’s make that happen.”

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 12/12/2019. 

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