Mike Perry goes off on Darren Till and all of the “miserable bums in Europe”

By Natasha Hooper - June 16, 2020

Mike Perry has unleashed several insults at Darren Till—and the rest of Europe.

Darren Till, Mike Perry

For years, “The Gorilla” and Perry have been throwing shots at each other, leaving many fans to hope their rivalry would result in a fight. However, Till moved up to middleweight after suffering two consecutive losses, leaving the welterweight division and Mike Perry behind.

Nevertheless, their feud has simmered on and has even reached new heights.

The British middleweight created a website this week called www.mikeperryisabum.com. He also created several Instagram accounts to mock the American fighter. The website features images of Perry getting knocked out, submitted, and his infamous broken nose against Vicente Luque. It also features photoshopped images of Darren Till which link to an old video of Perry getting knocked out in a boxing match.

Even though many assumed it was a fan who created the site, Till took the credit. On his Instagram stories, he confirmed that he is the mastermind behind the social media attack.

Perry blocked the accounts which resulted in the Englishman creating new ones. The Instagram accounts were @ddarrenttill3, which is still active and @bum.mikeperry, which only has one post.

The welterweight was unsurprisingly angered by the online mockery. He launched a scathing attack at his foe and called out other “miserable bums” in the process.

“Funny all you miserable bums in Europe are jealous,” said Mike Perry. “Wanking off your mates in a circle jerk while I block your whole shitty continent ! The only thing you guys are raw dogging is all your buddies. @darrentill2has #AnalWarts”

Perry hasn’t created a website dedicated to Till’s losses, but it may only be a matter of time before The Gorilla suffers a similar fate. Either way, Platinum’s recent social media post is a clear indication of his frustration. Who do you think is currently winning the social media war between Mike Perry and Darren Till?

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