Mike Perry denies Darren Till’s “weak a**” offer for corner spot

By Tom Taylor - October 12, 2020

It sounds like we can forget about seeing Darren Till cornering Mike Perry at UFC 255.

Mike Perry

Perry, one of the more popular fighters in the UFC welterweight division, is set to take on former UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler on the November 21 card. Ahead of the fight, he offered up a spot in his corner—alongside his partner Latory Gonzalez—to the highest bidder. Till was quick to respond to this plan from Perry, offering up $5,000 for a spot in his corner.

For a brief period, it looked as though Perry and his team would accept this offer. His manager even claimed this arrangement was nearly a done deal.

“It’s pretty much a done deal,” Abe Kawa, who manages Perry, wrote on Twitter in early October. “Darren needs to cover costs of travel and it’s done.”

Apparently, however, Perry was never actually considering this bid from Till. After laying out plans to fight Till in the middleweight division late on Sunday night, he followed up on Monday, claiming that he never intended to allow Till in his corner at UFC 255—for any price.

“I was never considering that weak ass 5k offer for the corner spot,” Perry wrote. “My manager was just trolling y’all. [Till] could’ve offered 50k and I wouldn’t have accepted his offer. The media runs the mma game tho so they were just getting off on drama.”

Do you want to see Mike Perry and Darren Till settle their differences in the cage?


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