Michael Bisping nearly robbed and killed in Cape Town

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Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was nearly robbed and killed during his stay in Cape Town, South Africa.

On his podcast today, called Believe You Me, Bisping described the scary altercation to Luis J Gomez.

After his initial positive impression of the city, things took a turn for the worse.

“It is beautiful by day, at night the freaks come out and it is a very, very dangerous place,” Michael Bisping said.

The Count’ is currently staying in Cape Town for three weeks shooting the movie Warrior.

On Friday night, Bisping went out for dinner with the cast and crew:

“We go out for a Chinese meal, [I] don’t like Chinese but whatever…” Bisping says, “We end up having a few drinks. I get back, it’s like three o clock in the morning and the uber driver drops me off at a four-way cross street not by my hotel, and he says ‘your hotel is over there’, so I get out the car and the uber driver drives off and I don’t know which way to go.”

Bisping explains how he stumbles down each road on the cross street, not knowing which is the right route to take:

“All the while, I may have been stumbling slightly, and staring at my phone which is a giveaway, I’m on my apps.’ He says, ‘Im stumbling around a little bit and all of a sudden low and behold, the freaks came out, the thieves came out, the muggers, the nasty f***ing criminal b****rds…before I knew it, I was surrounded by 10 to 15 homeless people begging for money and then they started getting kind of nasty.”

Apparently, the homeless people were talking between themselves in a language Bisping couldn’t understand and began aggressively demanding Bisping give them his wallet:

“I start raising my voice saying ‘stay the f**k back.”

“At this point now, because my defences are up, I’m trying to be big, just like a lion in the jungle puffs out his mane… I’m puffing out my chest and I’m trying to look as scary as possible so these motherfuckers don’t make a move.”

The passengers continue to surround Bisping and their threatening demeanours escalate. He recalls them insisting:

“If you want to go home, give me your wallet.”

The story gets worse. He describes an old, burnt out, fake cop car mounts the road in front of him.

“Two fucking guys jump out looking wasted, more wasted then me, very glossy eyes..they start screaming ‘get in the car, get in the car.”

One of the men was apparently reaching in his pocket pretending to have a gun to force Bisping to comply. They taunt him for not knowing where he’s going.

Bisping recalls: “If I get in this car, I’m a dead man, simple as that because they are gonna kill me or rob me and leave me for dead.”

He screams and runs down the street, luckily managing to find his hotel:

“I’m backing up, there was a little opening and I just f***ing ran. They didn’t chase much, and I ran down the street and low and behold there was my f***ing hotel.”

Michael Bisping says: ‘You mother***kers, don’t ever tell me this town is not dangerous’

The area of Bisping’s hotel is apparently not safe to go out at night- stabbings, robbery and shoot outs are common occurrences. Incidentally, they are now looking to move Bisping’s hotel.

Michael Bisping concluded the story by saying: ‘Never a dull moment in my life.’ A very true sentiment.

For the full podcast. Visit: Believe You Me 

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