Maycee Barber blasted by Lauren Murphy for taking mic from Joe Rogan following her loss

By Adam D Martin - January 19, 2020

UFC women’s flyweight prospect Maycee Barber was blasted by veteran Lauren Murphy for taking the mic from Joe Rogan following her loss at UFC 246.

Maycee Barber

Barber lost a lopsided decision to Roxanne Modafferi in what was one of the biggest upsets of all-time in UFC history according to the betting odds. Following the loss, Barber took the mic from Rogan before Modafferi did and spoke to the crowd.

Murphy didn’t like what Barber did and voiced her displeasure for doing so. Here’s what Murphy wrote on her Twitter.

“Get off the f*cking mic you spoiled brat”

Typically the mic is given to the winning fighter first, and usually, only the loser is given the mic if the fight is the main event, a title fight, or a “Fight of the Night” candidate. It’s extremely rare for an undercard fighter who gets destroyed to get the mic first, so Murphy’s criticism of Barber seemed fair, even though her choice of words may have been a tad strong.

Although Barber did congratulate Modafferi when she took the mic, it was still odd that Rogan agreed to hand the mic off to her since she got absolutely smashed and the fight wasn’t competitive whatsoever. Despite being a 10-to-1 favorite, the fight was a blowout. A veteran like Murphy must have hoped that Barber would have been a little more humble to know when it was her turn to speak, but evidently she thought it was okay to be the first to speak on the mic even though she lost.

The loss to Modafferi will temporarily end Barber’s plans of becoming the youngest champion in UFC history as she was looking to break Jon Jones’ record. But she still has lots of time to get better and bounce back from this loss, so don’t count Barber out of turning her career around. On Saturday, though, it was Modafferi’s night, and Murphy made sure to remind Barber of that.

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