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Kamaru Usman dismisses theory that Ali Abdelaziz hacked his Twitter account

Kamaru Usman doesn’t believe the theory that Ali Abdelaziz hacked his Twitter account is warranted.

Abdelaziz is Usman’s manager. Many have shared their viewpoints on the popular MMA manager, and some don’t exactly see him as a wholesome person. Usman, who is the reigning UFC welterweight champion, found himself locked out of his Twitter account on the night of UFC 246. Some nasty tweets aimed at McGregor and others forced the UFC and Twitter to shut down the account temporarily while attempting to get “The Nigerian Nightmare” his access back.

The heated feud between Abdelaziz and McGregor is well-documented and some have expressed their belief that the manager had something to do with Usman’s Twitter incident. Even Joe Rogan said he thought Ali had something to do with it when he had Usman on as a guest on the JRE MMA Show.

Kamaru Usman explained why he dismisses that theory.

“It was unfair to my manager for people to actually say that,” Kamaru Usman said. “Of course, everyone’s saying that and then Conor said something about it too, which was kinda very low. I understand that the comments that were tweeted out were very, very disrespectful. First of all that’s not me, I don’t even talk like that. I would never say anything like that. I mean as much as I wanna beat him up, if Conor wants to fight we can fight. But I would never — there’s lines that you don’t cross.”

Usman went on to say that Abdelaziz respects family far too much to pull off a stunt like that.

“I would never say anything about someone’s family, someone’s wife, someone’s children,” Usman said. “I would never say that and Ali is a guy that’s so into his family. [He] would never say that. I don’t care how much he hates Conor or how much he doesn’t like him.”

Do you think Kamaru Usman is right, or is there something to the theory that Ali Abdelaziz was behind the Twitter hacking?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 2/3/2020.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM