Joshua Fabia targets Emil Meek for comments about training session, Meek fires back

By Tom Taylor - March 5, 2020

Emil Meek is one of just a few fighters to experience the methods of Diego Sanchez’s controversial coach Joshua Fabia first-hand.

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He opened up on those methods in a recent interview with South China Morning Post.

“Originally, I was trying to get a fight with Diego,” Meek said of his work with Fabia. “Then he got a different one and I got a different one. Then he wrote me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to work out when he was in Vegas, and I figured, hell yeah, let’s do it. Then I asked him if his ninja coach is going to be there with him on he’s like, ‘yeah, there’s no other way’.

“How can I put this,” Meek continued. “I went in full-belief mode: everything they tell me to do, I’m going to do it 100 per cent.

“Man, it was the craziest s**t I’ve ever done. At one point, Joshua, he was running after us in a locked cage with a real, sharp blade, to make us move.”

During an appearance on The Schmozone with The Schmo and Helen Yee, Fabia responded to these comments from Meek. As you probably predicted, he was not happy.

“Emil says I chased him with a knife and locked him in an Octagon, and yet I have video proof is open,” Fabia said, refuting Meek’s comment about the Octagon but not about the knife. “You begged to come train of us, and instead of saying the truth of ‘yeah we trained with Diego, we did shark tank with him, disadvantaged, I started out having his back over and over on drills, and he was owning me… [Sanchez’s] grappling is on point, his condition is on point…

“Judging these weird drills might be because that’s what you want to talk about,” Fabia added. “You didn’t want to talk about that Diego was man-handling you.”

Meek quickly caught wind of these comments from Fabia and offered a pair of Tweets in response.

“And you think I’m on a smearing campaign against you for that 1 comment?” Meek wrote in response to Fabia. “If I were I would tell them that we did a 100 forward rolls, wrestled with a rope, did 4 minutes of shark tank out of a 2 hour session and that we played touch but for 1 hour with knifes and sticks.”

“And secondly manhandling me? You sir are batshit crazy…”

What do you think of this back-and-forth between Emil Meek and Joshua Fabia?

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