Jon Jones recounts getting bad ‘energy’ from referees in UFC fights

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Dominick Reyes has stated that he intends to remind the referee for his UFC 247 fight Jon Jones of Jones’ infamous tendency to land eye-pokes. Understandably, Reyes’ doing so may cause the referee to keep an extra close eye on Jones in the fight.

Apparently, that’s something Jones is used to.

Speaking on Monday’s UFC 247 media call, Jones divulged that he’s felt referees were not on his side in the past.

“I have not (made any requests), but I’ve had some (expletive) situations happen in there,” Jones said (via MMA Junkie). “I felt like I’ve had guys that were very obviously not on my side in that ring, and I’m not going to say their names because I don’t want to give them attention. But even with that happening, I still found a way to not only win those two fights, but finish those fights.

“John McCarthy, I felt like his energy was way off when I fought Vitor Belfort, and I found a way to finish the fight,” Jones continued. “I also felt the energy coming from – I won’t say his name [Mike Beltran]– I feel like the energy in the second Alexander Gustafsson fight, I felt like that referee was sending me some funny-ass energy backstage and in the cage, and I finished the Gustafsson fight, too.

“At the end of the day, I feel like if it’s in God’s plans for me to do what I’ve been doing, it won’t matter which coaches I have, which coaches Dominick has, who’s the referee – none of that stuff matters. God’s will is God’s will, and so it won’t matter who’s the referee.”

At this time, neither John McCarthy nor Mike Beltran has responded to this comment from Jon Jones.

What do you think of this remark from the light heavyweight champion?

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