Joe Rogan weighs in on MMA GOAT debate

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Long-time UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has weighed in on the Greatest of All Time debate in mixed martial arts.

Rogan discussed this topic on the latest episode of the JRE MMA Show with guest Luke Thomas. From the sounds of it, he still considers former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones the greatest fighter ever.

“That is the argument right, like who is the GOAT?” Rogan said (h/t Middle Easy). “I think if you look at Jon Jones’s early career, Jon Jones wins the title early in his career, in 2011 and from then on has fought more fights as championship fights than any other fights. So he’s the most accomplished for sure. Wins the title, youngest guy to ever win the title in the UFC, beats Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua who’s a legend, then the way he dominates all these other fighters…

“Up until he gets to Alexander Gustafsson you can make the argument that he had a similar career (as Khabib),” Rogan added. “If you look at what he did. Jon didn’t lose any rounds, Jon was smashing people. Look at what he did to Rashad Evans, look what he did to Rampage Jackson, look at what he did to Lyoto Machida. Everybody he fought, up until the Gustafsson fight. But then with the Gustafsson, how much slack do you give him for admittedly not training?

“Look at the way he beat Daniel Cormier in the first fight,” Rogan concluded. “Took him down, like who the f–k takes Daniel Cormier down, right? Then you look at the second fight, even though it was ruled a no contest we all know what the f–k happened. He head kicked (Cormier) and stopped him. It was spectacular.”

Do you agree with Joe Rogan on this one? Is Jon Jones the GOAT of MMA?

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