Jessica-Rose Clark has some bad news, she will be out of action until mid-2021

By Chris Taylor - October 1, 2020

Fan favorite UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Jessica-Rose Clark revealed some bad news on Thursday, she will be out of action until mid-2021.

Jessica-Rose Clark, Jessy Jess

The news comes shortly following Clark’s dominant TKO victory over Sarah Alpar at last month’s UFC Vegas 11 event.

According to ‘Jessy Jess’, she had hurt her knee in training camp and then caused further damage while fighting inside of the Octagon on September 19.

While Jessica-Rose Clark seemingly had no issue dominating Sarah Alpar on what we know now was basically one leg, she did not receive a bonus for her efforts from UFC officials. After finding out she had been skipped over for a bonus, the Aussie took to social media where she shared a photo of her pre-fight bank account balance of $17.70.

That near miss with a performance bonus is bound to burn a little extra now that she will be on the sidelines for nine month’s.

The Aussie took to her official Instagram page with the following announcement.

“So… got some bad news,” Clark shared (via MMAMania). “I hurt my knee in camp for that last fight and then I hurt it again in the fight. And then it turns out I have a torn ACL and I need to get ACL surgery now, which is going to put me out for about nine months. So it looks like I won’t be fighting until mid 2021.”

“Obviously I’m pretty bummed out about it,” Clark said. “In fact I feel like the last couple of years have been pretty rough to be honest. Like, I lost and I got injured and was out for almost a year. And then lost again and then I got injured again. The one thing I’m grateful for is that I still had a really great performance against Sarah. And that kind of shows me that I’m on the right path with my training, my mentality, to become a better athlete, to become a better fighter, to become a better human being. I’m on the right path, I’m figuring out my plan and the right things for me.”

Jessica-Rose continued:

“So I am grateful that if this had to happen, it’s happening while I’m in a situation where I’m at now at CSA [Combat Sports Academy],” she concluded. “But yeah, it sucks. It really does. But on the other side of that, if I had a performance like that and I couldn’t kick, all camp I couldn’t stabilize on this leg. I could kick with it, but only if I could land clean with my shin. If I hit with my foot, then I was in agony. Anyone who goes through an ACL injury is gonna tell you, it’s pretty f**king painful. So I’m glad I’m in the position I am now, and sad I have to take so much more time off. But I think it’s a good opportunity for me to work on some external revenue streams, come up with some plans on how to make a living outside of fighting.”

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