Jake Paul slides into Conor McGregor’s DMs: “Take the fight p*ssy”

Conor McGregor, Jake Paul

Jake Paul is not giving up on his desired fight with former two-division UFC champ Conor McGregor, and has now boldly slid into the Irishman’s DMs.

After scoring a brutal knockout win over former NBA star Nate Robinson at the recent Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. even, Paul has been ceaselessly campaigning for a fight with McGregor.

While his callouts of the Irishman have thus far gone unanswered, he’s not letting up. This week, he sent McGregor a direct message on Instagram—although he was left on seen.

“Take the fight p*ssy,” Paul wrote to McGregor.

While a Paul vs. McGregor fight would do huge numbers on pay-per-view, UFC President Dana White has assured the fight won’t be happening.

“Zero [chance],” White told TMZ when asked how likely this fight is to happen. “Listen man, I get it. Both of these kids—[Jake Paul] and his brother [Logan]—have done a good job of injecting themselves into the fight world. I am a huge Boston Celtics fan. I love Nate Robinson. Nate’s awesome, ok? But have you ever seen basketball fights? Have you ever seen when fights break out on the basketball court? Some of the sh*ttiest fights you’ll ever see in your life.

“[Fighting] Nate Robinson and trying to take on Conor McGregor are two different things,” White continued, shutting down Paul. “There’s a market for those kinds of fights. It’s just not what I do… There will be a day when Conor McGregor can do these type of fights and make all kind of money,” White concluded. “Conor McGregor’s one of the best on the f**king planet. He’s one of the greatest fighters on earth right now. He shouldn’t be fighting kids that have f**king YouTube videos, ok?”

Amazingly, this comment from White only seemed to embolden Jake Paul, who promptly issued a profanity-laced attack on Conor McGregor on social media.

“What the f**k is up you Irish c**t,” Paul said in a video directed at McGregor. “Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you are probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now or maybe you are jacking off because you are sick of f*****g your wife right now because she is a 4. Conor you could do a lot better. But, happy Monday. My team sent you a 50 million dollar offer this morning, 50 million dollars cash, proof of funds, the biggest fight of offer you’ve ever been offered, but you are scared to fight me, you are ducking me because you don’t want to lose to a f*****g YouTuber.

“You are a 0-1 as a boxer, I’m 2-0 as a boxer,” Paul added. “I just came off the eighth biggest pay-per-view event in history, but you want to fight Dustin Prober (Poirier) who has less followers than on Instagram than my f*****g dog, that’s a fact.

“Dana White, you are a f*****g p***y too,” Paul continued. “You ugly f*****g bald bitch,. You say there is a zero percent chance of this fight happening but there is a zero percent chance of you getting some f*****g p***y. Conor, you are scared. Dana, you are scared. Sign the f*****g contract you idiots, Jesus f*****g christ. Irish b***h.”

Do you think Conor McGregor and Jake Paul will end up fighting?

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