Henry Cejudo declares Tyron Woodley the second cringiest fighter behind himself

PhotoCred: South China Morning Post / MMA Mania

Henry Cejudo is the self-proclaimed king of cringe… but every king needs a jester.

Being in the public eye doesn’t come naturally to everyone as it can either be shunned or embraced in various fashions. For those like Cejudo (16-2), there’s the path of being as wacky as possible intentionally. In the former dual-division UFC champions’ mind, it’s even worse to be awkwardly self-unaware.

“I’m gonna have to give it to Tyron Woodley because it’s so unnatural,” Henry Cejudo told MMA Mania of the second cringiest MMA fighter. “He so doesn’t see it. Colby Covington, he’s playing a character, it’s a persona. But Tyron Woodley, he just doesn’t see it, man. It’s gone wild, it’s a circus, man.

“He just doesn’t see how cringe that he is that he wins the title [of second-most cringe]. I think that even Tony [Ferguson] knows he’s a little off his rocker (laughs). I don’t know if Tyron is, you know.”

Henry Cejudo last fought in May 2020 where he successfully defended his bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz earning a second-round TKO. In his post-fight interview, the 34-year old “Triple C” announced his retirement and has stayed true to it ever since.

As for Woodley (19-7-1), the former UFC welterweight titlist most recently made his pro boxing debut where he suffered a unanimous decision loss against famous YouTube star, Jake Paul. Woodley’s last MMA or boxing victory came against an unbeaten Darren Till at UFC 228 in September 2018 – his final title defense as welterweight’s best.

“He’s just so cringey,” Cejudo said. “The dude has an ‘I love you, Jake Paul’ [tattoo] on his middle finger, and his movie sucks. But I’ll tell you what, he can promote a fight. He’s got a mouthpiece on ’em, but his actions don’t speak louder than his words. He lost to a YouTuber.”

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