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Former UFC champion Conor McGregor shares bizarre video using an ape-face filter

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor is back in the news after sharing a bizarre video using an ape-face filter.

Mcgregor, 34, (22-6 MMA) is no stranger to social media, but his latest proclamation (?) is definitely of the over-the-top weird variety.

Taking to ‘Twitter‘ and ‘Instagram’, Conor McGregor posted an extremely strange video with the commentary as follows:

(heavy breathing) “I told you I’d be back.”

(evil laugh) “Wakey, wakey.” (evil laugh)

Yes, this was all done using an ape-face filter, his face transformed into an animal – an ape. Madness? Delirium? Drugs?

Obviously the cryptic message is he’s coming back but coming back to what? – a teaser?

The Irishman has been out of the Octagon since July of 2021 when he fought and was defeated by Dustin Poirier (28-7 MMA) at UFC 264. Following the match, McGregor was operated on to repair fractures to his tibia and fibula.

‘Notorious’ has been recuperating, regenerating, and training in an attempt to get back in the game. Several posts to social media have shown a very bulked up McGregor. The Irishman also frequently calls out and attacks fellow UFC stars with rambling messages in the media.

Make no mistake, McGregor has also been enjoying a life of luxury, yachting, partying and starring in a remake of the movie ‘Roadhouse’ in his spare time.

The one thing the fighter has not been doing to prepare for his re-entrance into the cage is drug testing, which apparently he has to do for six months prior to getting back into the UFC fighter pool.

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