Former UFC champ Tim Sylvia on Dana White: ‘I would slap his teeth down his throat’

Tim Sylvia, Dana White

UFC President Dana White is as polarizing as any fighter he employs. Some fans love him, others loathe him. You can file former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia into that latter category.

From the sounds of it, he can’t stand the UFC boss.

Tim Sylvia shared his thoughts on Dana White on Twitter, shortly after it was announced that Michael Bisping was being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Sylvia was not impressed by Bisping’s inclusion into the Hall of Fame, when other legendary fighters have been excluded. He says this honor is little more than a popularity contest.

““I can’t help but laugh when I see stuff like this,” Sylvia wrote (h/t MMA Mania). “When Frank Shamrock, Jens Pulver, and myself are all out here like WTF, really?

“Everyone knows Dana is a dick,” Sylvia added in a followup Tweet.. “UFC HOF is a popularity contest on who kisses Dana’s ass and is a ‘yes sir’ to him. I never took his shit and never will. If I could get him in a gym with me I would slap his teeth down his throat. For me and all the other fighters.”

While Tim Sylvia is clearly not a Dana White fan, it doesn’t sound like the UFC President is going anywhere. Yesterday, he announced that he and WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel had both signed new, long-term deals with the promotion

“Ari Emanuel and I just signed a new seven year deal too,” he said in an interview with Megan Olivi. “We’re here for seven years, ESPN is here for seven years. The incredible things that we’re going to work on… I just can’t even tell you how pumped I am for all of this.”

What do you think of these comments from Tim Sylvia? Where do you stand on Dana White?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 3/19/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM