Dear MMA Gods | Bless us with Max Holloway vs Tony Ferguson

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Hawaii’s Max “Blessed” Holloway is the current best 145-pound fighter on the planet. At only 27 years old, Holloway calls himself the undisputed UFC champion.

Since the third loss of his professional career in August 2013, Holloway has meteorically risen to elite status in not just his division but all of MMA. His current 13-fight winning streak that includes an interim title and two title defenses is only second to the UFC record of 16 that was set by Anderson Silva over the course of 2006 to 2012.

Despite still being a relatively new champion, Holloway has kind of already cleaned out his division for the most part as he had to defeat several top 10 staples to get to his title opportunity.

With talks of him moving up in weight already beginning, it has the MMA world buzzing about the potential matchups that we could see for Holloway at 155-pounds. Which is what brings us here today!

Dear MMA gods, on behalf of everyone that loves fighting in any facet, bless us with Holloway vs “El Cucuy” Tony Ferguson!

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As unique and incredibly talented as Max Holloway is, there is really no one else like him. But if there’s a closest possible comparison, it’s without a doubt the former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson.

Before getting to their styles, just looking at their paths to the top of their divisions, they had quite similar situations.

Both men had to take the long roads to get to their title fights by racking up huge win streaks. Hell, Ferguson’s has still essentially eluded him.

It took Holloway nine straight wins before he got his first crack at interim gold. For Ferguson, he too had to win nine. However, after he captured the title over Kevin Lee in October 2017, a freak injury would strike and lead to his stripping of the title.

Ferguson has won a fight since then which came against a common opponent in Anthony Pettis. Thus extending his streak to 11.

If there’s one thing that Holloway and Ferguson are proof of after going down their long roads to the top, it’s that it has shaped them into simply unbreakable elite competitors. The motivation to reach the top and stay on top is so much stronger for them as they’ve had to work much harder than most.

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When it comes to their abilities in the Octagon, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better.

With Tony Ferguson, we get superb unpredictability. Whether it be with his striking and or grappling. He’ll throw out just about any striking technique or submission attempt that you can imagine while he walks forward and applies pressure with his unlimited gas tank. Oh, he also happens to have unmatched recoverability.

Holloway, on the other hand, is also a striking wizard but you know more of what you’re going to get. But that doesn’t make him an easier opponent by any means.

The fight on the feet is where he keeps the action as taking him down has been no easy task on his current run. In fact, in his last 13 fights, it’s only happened six times with the takedowns only being landed by three of those opponents.

As a striker, Holloway calls his shots.

He is able to switch back and forth, fighting in either the orthodox or southpaw stance with complete ease. And for what he occasionally lacks in kicks, he more than makes up for with his relentless boxing combinations that refuse to keep from being in his opponents’ faces at all times.

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That’s exactly the reason that this matchup would be so sensational to see. There is no one in the world better than Holloway and Ferguson at drowning their opponents in strikes with their volume and limitless cardio. It would be two unstoppable forces colliding rather than an immovable object being in the mix.

It’s one of those fights that literally has no chance at not delivering the entertainment. The real exciting part is that Ferguson is interested in it and Holloway will fight anyone.

The chance of it happening next for each seems a bit unlikely primarily due to lightweight still being a bit logjammed. Regardless, it wouldn’t be a stretch for the fight to happen sooner rather than later. And if it does, we better thank the MMA gods more than we ever have before.

Holloway vs Ferguson chance of happening: 65%

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