Daniel Cormier and former NFL player go back and forth on Twitter over Megan Rapinoe clip

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is not seeing eye-to-eye with former NFL player Jerome Felton. The pair went back and forth on Twitter regarding a viral clip of soccer player Megan Rapinoe interacting with a fan.

The video shared on ABC’s Twitter has garnered over 30 million views. The clip shows the female soccer star Rapinoe signing a football and rudely giving it back without looking or acknowledging the child holding it.

Many celebs put Rapinoe on blast for the encounter and UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was no exception. He chimed in on MMA fighter Marion Reneau’s Twitter post.

“With success comes great responsibility, you can’t love the adulation but ignore the chance to guide youth,” he wrote. “For all the hoopla from celebrities, athletes, the fans r the ones who matter most. That experience could have meant so much to that kid. Very disappointing!”

The NFL pro fullback, Jerome Felton was quick to call out Cormier’s comment. He  responded on Twitter:

“Come on DC you know how this goes sometimes…you cannot judge of some 7-second clip out of context, had he been there before? Had she talked to him before?? Everything she represents says that most likely this is taken out of context!!! Period!”


Felton wanted to give Rapinoe the benefit of the doubt for the fan encounter but Cormier was not having it:

“Jerome, I know there have been times where I have been too busy to do a signature. So I say I don’t have time, but if I do, if I sign I try and engage the person. Even the smallest engagement. You’re not obligated, but one day people won’t want your signature.” said Cormier.

Fans then took the time on Twitter to praise Cormier for his interactions with fans. They mentioned nothing but good experiences with the UFC star. Felton agreed with Cormier’s comment but was still adamant that the clip was taken out of context. He responded to Cormier and liked multiple posts and videos in defence of Megan Rapinoe. He retweeted this clip of Megan Rapinoe being friendly to fans:


Do you agree that Megan Rapinoe was out of line? Is Daniel Cormier right? Let us know your thoughts.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 7/15/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM