Dana White shares his thoughts on the UFC – WWE merger: “There’s a lot of things that we can add to WWE”

By Susan Cox - April 6, 2023

Dana White is sharing his thoughts on the UFC – WWE merger.

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The announcement came on Monday, April 3rd that the UFC and WWE were joining forces as a new company under the control of the Endeavor Group.

The new structure will see Dana White remain as UFC president. Endeavor CEO, Ari Emanuel, will also maintain his role. Vince McMahon and Endeavor president Mark Shapiro will serve as executive chairmen. The current WWE CEO, Nick Khan, will be the president of the pro-wrestling brand.

UFC President, Dana White, spoke to the ‘Associated Press’ concerning the recent announcement of the merger between the UFC and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment):

“I’m sure better deals will be made with the arenas. Alliances will be made. Deals and alliances and sponsorships, the list goes on and on. The business side is really where you’re going to see a big difference. As far as the performance and what we do, you’ll never see a difference in that.”

Continuing, White spoke of ‘crossovers’ saying (h/t MMAJunkie):

“… There won’t really be any type of crossover. Yeah, Brock Lesnar, who wanted to come over to the UFC and test himself became the heavyweight champion. He’s that good of an athlete. Then, you had Ronda Rousey who was a world champion here and then went over to WWE and tested herself there and became a world champion. That type of synergy will still exist.”

White spoke about the new business structure:

“The thing with this new entity that we’re building, if you look at what we’ve done at the UFC and we continue to do what we do over here, the WWE does what they do and continues to do what they do, and Endeavor and Ari continue to do what they do, it’s just a very powerful company with a ton of great synergy.”

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Concluding the 53-year-old White said:

“There are a lot of great things that we can help WWE with to help their business grow. There’s a lot of things. Because when you look at what Endeavor and UFC has done together, we sold for $4.025 billion. Now, the company is worth $12.03 billion. There’s a lot of things that we can add to WWE with the synergies that we’ve created with WME and UFC.”

Do you agree with White that the merger will benefit both the UFC and WWE, creating ‘a very powerful company’?

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