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Dana White believes people are against Power Slap League because he’s the promoter: “They want to f**k me that’s why they’re saying what they’re saying about slap”

UFC President Dana White believes people are against his newly formed Power Slap League because they dislike him, not the sport itself.

Since the launch of White’s new project in January, the Slap League has received mixed reactions, but most of the feedback has been negative. The UFC boss found an interest in Slap Fighting and then turned his newfound interest into a successful business model.

However, the Slap League hasn’t gathered the positive attention White had hoped, and he puts that down to the alleged hate towards him.

Lately, White has prioritized promoting Power Slap and getting as many eyeballs on his new venture as possible. He’s even utilized the UFC’s social media accounts to push traffic towards Slap League, which the mixed martial arts faithful hasn’t appreciated.

Dana White addresses negativity towards Power Slap League

During an interview with Bussin’ With The Boys, White recently defended and addressed the negative reception Slap League has acquired.

“Everything that’s negative that’s being said about it is an attack on me,” he said. “It’s me that these guys are attacking it’s not the actual slapping. The media, it’s all about me. Okay? They want to f-ck me that’s why they’re saying what they’re saying about slap. This sh-t was going on, this has been on the internet since ’17 is when I first saw it. There’s 350 million views but I’m the only f–king guy who has seen it? There’s no stories written there’s no ‘oh my god this is horrible, how’s this on social media, children are watching this.’ This has been going on since f–king well I noticed in ’17. It could have been before that for all I know. But now it’s horrible and it’s a tragedy and it needs to go away?”

Quotes via Middle Easy

White feels the potential is there for Power Slap to burst into mainstream sports and compared the sport to the early days of the UFC. He also stressed about the sport’s safety, assuring those concerned that athletes are closely monitored before and after every contest.

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