Conor McGregor praises legend Jose Aldo for his recent success: “I would have loved to do it again. He deserved more, I thought”


Conor McGregor has nothing but praise for former rival Jose Aldo, this after the Brazilian has strung together back-to-back wins at bantamweight.

Aldo was on an insane 18 fight winning streak before meeting the Irishman in December of 2015.

The story is known, McGregor essentially bullied Aldo throughout the entire press conference tour, putting his hands on the champ, stealing the belt and hurling insults. It would take ‘Notorious’ only a few seconds to defeat the arguable greatest featherweight of all time, and secure champion status for himself.

Jose Aldo Conor McGregor

Now, a half decade later, Conor McGregor is the unlikely source of a plethora of Jose Aldo love and appreciation. The former “champ – champ” stated the following:

“What a warrior that man is. It was an honour to share the Octagon with him. I would’ve loved to have at it again. He deserved more, I thought.” – McGregor said of Aldo’s resurgence.

It is a sentiment shared by many fans, Aldo deserved the chance to win gold back in an immediate rematch. The factors weren’t in Aldo’s favor though. Between pulling out for injury, the quick and easy looking knockout, and McGregor’s hunger for 155 kept Aldo from a chance at redemption.

As we near a close in 2021, it is Conor McGregor riding a rough 3-4 record since the Jose Aldo fight. The Brazilian holds a 5-4 record since the 2015 affair.

McGregor is eyeing a return to the Octagon once fully recovered from his injury, and one never knows if Aldo and McGregor may meet again at 155, doubtful (Aldo is currently a bantamweight) but not completely out of the question.

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