Colby Covington tears into referee Marc Goddard, promises to give him a wedgie: “You suck at your job”

By Adam Martin - February 3, 2020

UFC welterweight Colby Covington tore into referee Marc Goddard in an expletive-filled rant for stopping his title fight against Kamaru Usman at UFC 245.

Colby Covington, Leon Edwards

Goddard stepped in and stopped the UFC welterweight title fight at UFC 245 due to TKO with just over a minute left to go. The judges had the fight scored as a split decision heading into the fifth round, and Goddard stopping the bout meant the judges’ scorecards never came into play, though Covington would have likely lost a decision if he made it the distance regardless due to the output of Usman in the fifth round.

Still, Covington believes that Goddard never gave him a shot to win the fight due, and he ripped into the veteran referee for what he believes was an early stoppage. Here’s what Covington told theScore’s James Lynch about the stoppage.

“I stood right up and said, ‘What are you doing Marc Goddard, I’m winning this whole entire fight, this is a world championship title fight and you’re stopping this fight early when there’s one minute left to go? This is completely early, I’m completely conscious, I’m coherent, I’m covering the back of my head, I’m intelligently defending myself,'” Covington said.

“How f*cking stupid are you Marc Goddard? Get a new job because you f*cking suck at your job you piece of sh*t. And stay in England, don’t come back to America you f*cking c*cksucker.”

To that end, Covington promised that Goddard will never officiate another fight that he is involved in going forward.

“I promise you Marc Goddard will not come within 10 feet of me in the same room of anything I ever do in my life without getting smacked and without getting a wedgie upside his head,” Covington said.

What do you think of Colby Covington and his rant against Marc Goddard?

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