Colby Covington says Tyron Woodley will throw the Jake Paul fight: “I think he’s just going to go out there and take a dive”

Colby Covington, Tyron Woodley

Colby Covington says rival Tyron Woodley will throw the Jake Paul fight, suggesting that “he’s just going to go out there and take a dive.”

It was officially announced this week that Woodley and Paul will meet on August 28 in a boxing match on Showtime PPV. It’s Woodley’s first fight since he was let go by the UFC following a four-fight losing skid, while for Paul this will be his fourth professional boxing match and his first since knocking out Woodley’s friend Ben Askren in April for Triller.

Ahead of the upcoming Woodley vs. Paul fight, asked Covington his thoughts on the matchup, and “Chaos” didn’t mince words. As far as Covington is concerned, Woodley is in desperate need of money and he thinks he will take a dive.

“Without a doubt, he’s picking these fights with guys that are kind of toward the end of their career. Make no mistakes, Tyron has a great legacy. He was a world champion for a couple of times, but he’s past his time. He’s almost 40 years old now. He’s 38, 39, and Jake’s taking the right steps and taking the right fights with the right fighters that are kind of at the end of their careers and don’t really have enough gas left in the tank, so it’s sad,” Covington said.

“But they’re doing this on purpose, and I really think Tyron is going out there to take a dive. I think he’s broke. He needs the money. He’s got mouths to feed. He’s got a lot of alimony paychecks to pay. So I think he’s just going to go out there and take a dive. It’s going to be a circus, and we know boxing is the most corrupt sport in the world as it is. So this little side circus they’re doing with Jake Paul, of course they’re going to favor his way to make it a work.”

Do you agree with Colby Covington that Tyron Woodley will take a dive against Jake Paul?

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