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Chael Sonnen warns heavyweights against fighting Tom Aspinall: “You’re all getting punched up”

Chael Sonnen has continued to champion his client UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall.

Last month, ‘The Bad Guy’ implored the Brit to talk more on the microphone. Specifically, Sonnen had an issue with Aspinall opining that he doesn’t deserve a title shot. On his YouTube channel, the former UFC title challenger stated:

“Aspinall does interviews like a 13-year-old fan,” said Sonnen. “Aspinall cuts an interview that he should not receive a title shot. Somebody else should, he’s not ready for it. All right, we got a young guy who wants to show a sense of humility, who never should have done an interview that said that. But everybody’s gotta have a mistake before they can make a correction.”

Chael Sonnen continued:

“If I had time and he hadn’t pissed me off so bad, I would offer, ‘Don’t ever say anything else, every interview and press conference that you go to, I will show up with a bullhorn and make a whole big scene of it. You stand there and don’t say anything, I will have you fighting for the belt within 12 months.’ That’s the plan anyway, that you’re getting in the way of!”

In response, Tom Aspinall took to social media to reveal he had no plans of accepting Chael Sonnen’s advice. However, it seems that the two must’ve made an agreement behind the scenes. Now, on Twitter, ‘The Bad Guy’ has sent out a plethora of tweets pumping up the heavyweight.

Chael Sonnen put out multiple posts earlier today boasting about Tom Aspinall’s skills. Furthermore, he also referenced the Brit’s next opponent, Curtis Blaydes. He stated that Aspinall’s opponents are scouting cornermen who are good at throwing in the towel.

What do you think about Chael Sonnen’s comments? Are you looking forward to Tom Aspinall’s next fight? Sound off in the comments below!

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