Bas Rutten weighs in on protests, looting: “violence will never work”

By Tom Taylor - June 2, 2020

MMA legend Bas Rutten has shared his take on the protests, and in some instances looting, that is going on all over the United States this week.


Rutten shared his thoughts in a lengthy Facebook post. He began by condemning the killing of George Floyd and the racism that caused it. He went on to support the peaceful protests that are ongoing, and share is disapproval with the violent outliers partaking in looting and vandalism.

See what Bas Rutten had to say below:

People have been asking me what I am thinking of this whole situation we are having right now?
The senseless murder of George Floyd sparked an outrage, and it should, it’s ridiculous what happened and this needs to stop. His poor family, can’t even imagine what they are going through right now, my deepest condolences to them.
(I made en edit here, somebody told me I was wrong, thanks Ron)
Derek Chauvin, the officer who kept his knee on the carotid artery in the neck of Mr Floyd for 8.23 minutes and 2.5 of those he was not responsive to people or anything around him, has been fired and charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree Manslaughter.
He is going await trail and I truly hope he will receive the sentence that he deserves.
The other 3 police officers involved have been fired, and they will be facing trail as well.
Then on top of that, many law enforcement officers around the US have been condemning the actions of those 4, saying: “That’s not what they swore to uphold, “to serve and protect”.
Thankfully the good cops outweigh the bad ones drastically. Its only a few bad apples that give the good ones a bad name. 1 bad one in a 100, can do some real damage
I am angry, everybody is angry but right now, but this is the only action they can take against those 4 officers, you can jump high and low, nothing will change, we have to wait for the trail and pray justice will be served
Right now it’s like screaming at the waiter because the food was bad, worse, beating up the waiter and burning down his house, because the chef, not the waiter, has made bad food? (Of course I am only talking about the violent people here)
Unfortunately we have many dumb people like that in the world, who take it out on others who have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything? Like these poor people who saved money their whole lives, build a business and now lost their business because it got burned down for absolutely NO reason? Where is the justice in that?
So when peaceful protestors wanted to show their frustration, and I am 100% with them because they do it peacefully, unfortunately, protests like that attract bad guys and those “dumb people” I just talked about who are just looking for a reason to vandalize, rob and beat other people up.
My advice to the peaceful protestors, if you see violence and the police arrives, get out of there! A friend of my daughter was shot in the head with a rubber bullet yesterday, he was a peaceful protestor, but unfortunately, and especially with everybody wearing a mask, law enforcement can’t see who is good or bad and since they are being attacked as well, they react.
Thankfully the kid survived but is in the hospital
So get out of there if you have only peace on your mind, this way at least the police knows who is bad and who’s not.
And if you are running with the “bad guys”, guys that you look up to and don’t want to lose as a friend, but you don’t support what they are doing, screw those guys, get out of there, those are not your friends, guys like that will get you hurt, maybe worse, killed. Because I read that already three people died, think about that. Another three families lives ruined and for what?
And if you decide to NOT leave the bad guys, (again, while not supporting what they are doing), do NOT complain if you get hit by something from the police, because YOU made that choice. Time to man up and lose your shitty friends!
Violence will never work, why? Because its terrorism, and you don’t negotiate with terrorists.
If the government complies with the demands of bad people who are burning buildings, cars, beating up people, etc, then you will see these situations pretty much every single day
You can be angry but find peaceful ways to be heard.
Oh, and one more thing, please, the family members of those officers charged have NOTHING to do with what happened, they just happen to be their family members, please leave them alone. You know that those poor kids are going to get it in school, and those poor wives will get it from some idiot neighbors, hopefully more of their neighbors are just decent people who have a brain
I hope this is going to be over soon
Be safe everybody, Godspeed!

What your thoughts on this statement from Bas Rutten?


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