Ali Abdelaziz sheds some light on Dominick Cruz’s callout of Monster Energy’s Hans Molenkamp

By Harry Kettle - March 8, 2021

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz has decided to shed some more light on Dominick Cruz’s recent callout of Monster Energy’s Hans Molenkamp.

Ali Abdelaziz

After Cruz’s win over Casey Kenney at UFC 259 this past weekend, he decided to call out Monster’s Molenkamp for a charity fight. Cruz listed a string of things he didn’t like about the executive in one of the most bizarre post-fight callouts in recent memory.

Now, the aforementioned Abdelaziz, who manages stars like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo, Kamaru Usman and Cody Garbrandt, has weighed in on the matter through social media.

“Monster of monster,” Abdelaziz wrote. “Today Dominic Cruz shined a light on a very sad situation in MMA. This monster sponsorship guy is like a modern day slave master. Making hall of famers, UFC champion and some people I really respect kiss his ass.

“He tried to get some of my champions to play his game but they will not do it,” Abdelaziz added. “So for that reason he never gave them a sponsor. He tried to have other mangers to steal Henry Cejudo from me to offer a monster deal to leave me. But we already that I body bag them and we already know what kind of guy Henry really is. Loyal as they come. Also we’ve had a situation with Cody, Kamaru and they refused to sell their soul like Henry didn’t. Monster is a great brand and is great for the sport but this individual deserves a ass whopping”.

This comment from Abdelaziz  also came after UFC president Dana White provided his own thoughts on the situation.

What are your thoughts on Dominick Cruz’s bizarre post-fight callout of Monster executive Hans Molenkamp? Where do you stand on the issue after reading this explanation from Ali Abdelaziz? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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