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Ali Abdelaziz responds after being dubbed a ‘rat’ by Jake Paul: ‘Somebody is going to have to pay for what he said’

Jake Paul has targeted Ali Abdelaziz and the notable MMM manager is not impressed.

Ali Abdelaziz, the founder and president of ‘Dominance MMA Management’ is a former fighter himself, as well as a Renzo Gracie black belt and 4th degree Judo black belt. Abdelaziz works with notable fighters, including Kamaru Usman.

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Abdelaziz recently tweeted about the lack of star power of Canelo Alvarez’s opponent Dmitry Bivol in their WBA light heavyweight title match earlier this month.

Jake paul
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Paul, the YouTube star turned boxer called Abdelaziz a ‘rat’ and a ‘scumbag criminal’ in front of the media after Ali weighed in on the World Boxing Association match-up.

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In speaking with ‘MMA Junkie‘ Abdelaziz responding to Paul said:

“I just tweeted something because I feel nobody know his (Canelo’s) opponent. His opponent is great and he (Bivol) beat him, but realistically, this business is about making money and he tried to dismiss Kamaru, but this week nobody know who Canelo is fighting. We shined light on him when Kamaru actually spoke. I’m nobody.”

Continuing Abdelaziz referring to Paul as a ‘little punk’ said:

“You see Eddie Hearn talking sh*t. You this little punk, what’s his name, Jake Paul and his people. I’m going to deal with him too because he said some things. It’s funny because Jake Paul never said some things about me. But suddenly, he starts saying some things about me and I  know where this is coming from. I’m going to tell you something, somebody is going to have to pay for what he said.”

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Speaking about he’s flattered he’s getting attention, Ali Abdelaziz continued:

“He’s pimped, he’s a little prostitute. At the end of the day, they have to bring in MMA, they have to bring in UFC because they don’t get enough attention and they have to speak about us… and honestly, I’m flattered. The whole press conference in Madison Square Garden, Eddie Hern talked about me – good or bad, they still talked about me.”

Promising Jake Paul this has not gone unnoticed and will have repercussions Abdelaziz said:

“And most importantly, they talked about Kamaru…this little bi*ch Jake Paul, he has something coming from me I  promise. Him and who told him to talk about me.”

Concluding, Abdelaziz said he’s confused and upset as to why Jake Paul would target him as he was a supporter of Paul’s in combat sports:

“I was shocked because I always praised the kid. I said I wanted him to make money, that it’s great for the sport bringing a lot of attention to boxing and I don’t know. I understand where this comes from, I know who told him to say that and they’re going to pay because I was shocked, very shocked.”

“Honestly, it upset me a little bit because I have nothing (to say), but great things about him and his brother. I like his brother and I like him. So why talk about me? I never said nothing about him. That’s it.”

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM