Aldo opens up on loss to McGregor, looking forward to inevitable rematch

By bjpenndotcom - January 20, 2016

Jose Aldo was undoubtably and understandably devastated by his 13 second KO loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. After a world tour leading up to UFC 189, and then many more months of buildup leading to UFC 194, Aldo certainly felt the pressure going into the fight.

Jose Aldo

In a recent interview with Combate, Aldo opened up on what the worst part about his loss to McGregor was, and why he is optimistic that a rematch would go differently.

BloodyElbow has the translation:

“That was the thing that hurt the most, for sure. Everyone who knows me, my family, my friends at the gym, they knew that I always said I would lose one day and I would accept my defeat, but not to that guy, because of the proportion things took. It hurt more because of that. I could have lost to Frankie Edgar or Chad Mendes who I fought really hard against, or any other athlete, really. I was disappointed in myself, I couldn’t lose that day.”

“I have one thing in my mind. He’ll be here a while and I work for the UFC, we have a contract. The world will keep turning and sooner or later he will be in front of me again and then I’ll run over him.”

While McGregor’s next fight is at UFC 197 for the UFC lightweight championship, do you think we could see a McGregor-Aldo rematch at UFC 200?

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