After seeing his father’s store destroyed Belal Muhammad sends a strong message to looters

Belal Muhammad, UFC Sao Paulo

UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad has hit out at looters following the destruction of his father’s store in the George Floyd riots.

Following the murder of the aforementioned Floyd, protests have swept across the United States across the last week with many making their voices heard. Unfortunately, what started off as a set of peaceful movements quickly escalated into a series of looting situations all over the nation.

One man who has seen the impact it’s had on his family is none other than Muhammad.

“Seeing my dads store, familys and friends small businesses being looted and destroyed is disgusting man I promise if I see you looting your goin to the hospital,” he wrote on Twitter. 

The ongoing riots do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, and while curfews have been introduced from the west coast to the east, thousands of civilians are choosing to stick to their protests.

The debate of whether or not this is the right approach will continue to rage on for a long time to come, but in terms of Belal Muhammad, it’s heartbreaking to see the kind of impact this is having on small businesses.

The overwhelming hope is that some form of insurance is attached to the buildings that have been destroyed, but either way, the looting seems to be an area of the riots that people are really taking advantage of.

With the COVID-19 pandemic also still very much in effect across the States, this is one of the most challenging periods of time for the country we’ve seen in many years.

We send our best wishes to the Muhammad family and anyone else dealing with a similar issue, but beyond that, we stand with those who are choosing to stand up for what they believe in following the death of George Floyd.

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