UFC Singapore Results: Marcin Tybura defeats Andrei Arlovski (Highlights)

Marcin Tybura

UFC Singapore Results: Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura

A heavyweight scrap between former title holder Andrei Arlovski and surging contender Marcin Tybura served as the co-main event of today’s UFC Fight Night 111 card in Singapore.

Round one begins and Andrei Arlovski starts off quickly throwing a spinning back kick that connects to the body of Tybura. Marcin presses forward and is able to score a takedown. He begins working some ground and pound from the half guard position. Arlovski is doing a good job of defending thus far. Tybura moves to full mount and begins raining down some hammer fists on the former UFC heavyweight champion. Arlovski is able to get a hold of Marcin but Tybura breaks free and lands a hard elbow. Another big elbow from the top and Tybura switches to punches. Arlovski is in all sorts of trouble here. He scrambles and is able to get back to his feet. He charges forward and lands a right hand. Another shot from Andrei. He lands a hard combination to close out the opening round. Great stuff.

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Round two begins and Arlovski fires off an early combination. He presses Tybura against the cage and works a knee to the body. Marcin looks tires here. Andrei is working for a single leg takedown now. He gives up on it and works in some punches. Arlovski goes back to working on a single leg and sweeps Tybura to the floor. Marcin almost transitions on to Arlovki’s back but cannot secure the position. The fighter clinch against the cage and Andrei fires of a combination. The referee finally steps in and tell them to break. Arlovski quickly fires off a combination and presses Tybura back against the cage. He works in a few punches to close out round two.

Round three begins and Arlovski fires off a leg kick followed by a kick to the body of Tybura. He misses with a spinning back fist attempt and Marcin is quick to press the former champion up against the cage. Tybura is working for a single leg takedown but Arlovski is defending well here. Tybura scores with a trip but Arlovski won’t let him complete the takedown. Andrei is back on his feet but Tybura is able to lock his hands around and score a double leg takedown. Tybura is working from half guard. Andrei attempts to sweep him but cannot do so. Tybura eventually moves to the back of Arlovski and then transitions to full mount. Andrei scrambles once again and gets back to half guard. Twenty seconds remain. A couple of short shots from Tybura before the horn sounds to end the fight.

Tybura defeats Arlovski via decision (29-28, 28-27, 29-27)

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