UFC Orlando Results: Marion Reneau submits Sara McMann (VIDEO)

UFC Orlando Results: Marion Reneau submits Sara McMann

A key women’s bantamweight scrap between perennial contenders Sara McMann and Marion Reneau took place during tonight’s UFC on FOX 28 prelims in Orlando, Florida.

Round one begins and McMann takes the center of the octagon. She leaps in with a combination but nothing connects. Reneau is looking to counter. Sara leaps in with a left and Marion does just that and counters with a right. McMann circles and then scores with a right hand. She shoots in and scores a big takedown. McMann moves to side control and begins working from a crucifix. Reneau is able to escape but eats some hard right hands for her efforts. McMann once again secures the crucifix position and begins dropping bombs. This is a terrible position for Reneau. Marion is able to get her arm free but McMann still has dominant position in side control. Reneau attempts to scramble but Sara is not having that. McMann with a nice right hand. Marion scrambles but gives up her back. McMann takes north-south position and looks to lock in a submission. Reneau is able to break free of the hold but winds up back on the bottom with McMann in side control. Sara once again treaps an arm and begins raining down right hands. The horn sounds to save Reneau.

Round two begins and Reneau takes the center of the octagon and tries to keep McMann at bay by pumping her jab. Sara leaps in with a combination but both strikes come up short. Reneau is very cautious here and rightfully so, she cant afford to be taken down again. Reneau lands a nice right hand that briefly sends McMann to the canvas. Sara pops right back up to her feet and the fighters start trading. McMann shoots in for a takedown but Marion stuffs the attempt and begins working in some hard shots. McMann continues to work for a takedown and she gets it. The good news for Reneau is that she is able to instantly lock up a triangle choke. She adjusts the hold and it is deep. McMann is in some trouble here. Marion works in some punches from her back. Reneau with another adjustment and McMann is forced to tapout. WOW!

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