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UFC on FOX 24 Results: Renato Moicano defeats Jeremy Stephens via split-decision (Highlights)

UFC on FOX 24 Results: Jeremy Stephens vs. Renato Moicano

A featherweight scrap between Jeremy Stephens and Renato Moicano kicked off tonight’s UFC on FOX 24 main card in Kansas City.

Round one begins and Stephens lands a hard outside leg kick to start. Moicano respond with one of his own but Jeremy quickly fires back with another. Moicano circles out and then comes in with another low kick that lands. Renato is losing a lot of movement here to keep Jeremy guessing. Moicano with a body kick and then a low kick behind it. Stephens presses forward with a combination but gets countered by a right hand from Renato. Stephens chases after Moicano and throws a leaping left that misses. Renato circles away and then lands two more low kicks. Jeremy with a left jab but he eats a hard leg kick for his efforts. Moicano ducks under a punch and scores a rather easy takedown. He begins working from full guard. Renato steps over into half guard but Jeremy grabs a hold of an arm for a kimura submission. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Jeremy starts off quickly with a combination. Stephens charges forward and is deep on a double leg takedown attempt. Renato is able to defend however and then lands a hard right hand. Stephens circles away and then comes forward with a jab to the body. Renato replies with a body kick that lands flush. Jeremy continues to press the action and lands an uppercut. Renato circles away and then lands a low kick. Stephens is doing a better job of throwing multiple strikes in this round. He lands a leg kick and then misses with an uppercut. Moicano replies with a hard low kick. Stephens fires back with a right hand. Both men are swinging wildly now. Moicano is utilizing the better movement of the two fighters. Jeremy comes forward but eats a pair of jabs for his troubles. Stephens lands a body kick. Renato misses with a high kick. He lands with a left hand and then a right behind it. Stephens connects with a low kick to close out the round.


Round three begins and both men trade right hands to start. Moicano ducks a punch and scores a takedown. He begins working from the full guard of Stephens. Jeremy is able to scramble and get back to his feet. Renato lands a left hand followed by a right hook. He circles out but Jeremy catches him with a kick to the body. The fighters briefly clinch against cage and then break. Moicano with two very hard leg kicks. Stephens knee buckled on that last one. Another solid kick from Renato. Stephens presses forward but Moicano is able to avoid the attempt combination. Renato with a jab and then a left. Stephens is bleeding now but lands a good right hand. Moicano circles away much to the disappointment of the crowd. Renato lands a leg kick. Jeremy fires back with a kick to the body that lands. Both fighters trade right hands to close out the fight.

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