UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Scott Holtzman defeats Michael McBride (Highlights)

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Scott Holtzman vs. Michael McBride

A lightweight scrap between Scott Holtzman and Michael McBride took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 108 prelims in Nashville.

Round one begins and McBride lands a low kick to get things started. He follows up with a kick to the body. Holtzman leaps in with a left hand that connects. Scott fires off a right hand that lands flush. McBride dives in for a takedown but Holtzman is not having it. He presses Michael against the cage and begins working some knees. McBride drops for a kimura but cannot secure the submission. Holtzman winds up on top. He opts to pull out of McBride’s guard and tells him to stand up. Scott with a right hand and then a leg kick. He changes levels and connects with a huge left hook that floors McBride. Michael gets back up and then eats an accidental groin strike from Scott. The referee steps in a we break. Michael eventually recovers from the illegal blow and when restart. Holtzman with a right hand and then a left hook. He goes low with a kick. McBride answers with a low kick of his own. Holtzman just misses with a wild right hand. McBride lands a front kick to the body of Scott. He throws a low kick but Scott counters with a huge left hand. Somehow McBride stays on his feet. He follows up with a big right hand. McBride eats it and presses forward. He shoots in and lands a takedown. They scramble and it is Holtzman who ends up in top position. Round one comes to and end with McBride attempting a kimura lock.

Round two begins and both fighters trade low kick early. Holtzman charges forward with a combination. He lands an overhand right and then follows that up with a low kick. He scores a nice elbow inside and then a knee. The fighters clinch up and McBride desperately tries to get things to the ground. Scott is not having that. He circles away and then lands a hard low kick. Holtzman scores a trip and follows McBride to the ground. He begins working some short shots. McBride grabs a hold of a leg. He uses the limb to get a hold of Scott’s back. He drags Scott to the canvas but Holtzman spins and winds up on top. He steps out of guard and lands some kicks to the legs of McBride who is laying down. Scott leaps in and finishes the round with some shots from the top.

Round three begins and Scott lands a big right hand to start. McBride eats it and charges forward with a low kick and then a right hook. Scott replies with a right hand. McBride attempts a takedown but it is not there. Scott lands an inside leg kick and then another. He goes high but Michael blocks that one. McBride throws a low kick. Holtzman responds with two of his own. He lands a nice left hook and then a straight right. McBride has a chin. Holtzman with a left and then another right hand. The fighters clinch against the fence. McBride grabs a hold of Scott’s left arm and drops down for a kimura. He looses the hold and Scott winds up on top and in half guard. Big shots from the top by Holtzman. He moves to side control. Both men are landing strikes now. McBride gets back to half guard. Scott stands up and then leaps in with a big right hand. Thirty seconds remain. Holtzman rains down some ground and pound to close out round three.

Scott Holtzman defeats Michael McBride via decision

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