UFC Glendale Results: Israel Adesanya defeats Marvin Vettori

By Chris Taylor - April 14, 2018

UFC Glendale Results: Israel Adesanya defeats Marvin Vettori

Israel Adesanya 2

A middleweight scrap between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori took place during tonight’s UFC on FOX 29 main card in Glendale, Arizona.

Round one begins and Marvin lands a hard low kick to start. He attempts to go high with a kick but it is blocked. Adesanya is moving well here. Vettori presses forward and clinches up. He is searching for a trip takedown but it is not there. Israel breaks free. He lands a low kick followed by a jab. Vettora responds with a low kick of his own. He lands another and then another. Israel returns fire with a right hand over the top. He goes high with a kick. Vettori circles out. Israel comes forward and lands a low kick. Marvin replies with one of his own. Adesanya accidently pokes Marvin in the eye which forces the referee to step in and stop the action. Marvin is given time to recover and then we restart. Vettori with a nice low kick followed by a solid body kick. Adesanya with a stiff right hand followed by a head kick which is partially blocked. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Vettori looks for an early takedown but it is not there. Adesanya lands a nice combination. He is walking Marvin down now. Israel with a big left hand. He follows that up with a low kick. Vettori with a body kick but Israel replies with a crisp straight right hand. He is really moving well now. Israel with a nice inside low kick. He lands a nice right hand over the top. Vettori is on his bicycle now. Adesanya continues to walk him down. Israel with a hard body kick. Vettori eats it and comes forward. He lands a knee followed by a right hand. The Italian is tough that is for sure. Another good kick from Israel and then another. One minute remains in round two. Another good low kick from Adesanya. Vettori comes forward but his punches are falling just short. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Vettori comes forward with punches. He shoots in and scores a much needed takedown. Vettori moves to half guard and has just under four minutes to work here. Marvin with some short shots from the top. Israel scrambles back to full guard. Another scramble and Adesanya is back to his feet. That doesn’t last long as Marvin slams him right back down to the canvas. Israel pops right back up but once again Marvin drags him back down. Vettori works in some short punches. Israel scrambles and gets back to his feet. The fighters clinch against the cage. The referee steps in a breaks them up. One minute remains. Vettori with a low kick. He charges forward with a combination. He lands a left hand over the top. Israel comes forward with a right hand. Vettori answers with a low kick. Round three comes to an end.

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